get to know your spouse

Questions Adam asks me:

-Would you cut off your pinkie with a cleaver for $5,000?

-Would you eat that roadkill for $100,000? What if it was baked into a casserole?

-If you had to give up either rice or noodles for the rest of your life, which would you pick?
(rice, obviously.)

-What about noodles or coffee?
(! Surprise answer here: coffee! I know. Shocking. I love noodles that much).

-If you took all the wine and beer bottles that we go through in a year, do you think it would fill up this room?

-Could you eat an entire sheetcake for $50?

-How many eggs would you be able to eat before throwing up?

-Do you think Moxie could take down a rabbit? A beaver?

-Would you eat a cupcake with worms in it, if you knew you wouldn't be able to taste them?

(Have you picked up on the themes?)

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EndyFam said...

Here is the sad thing, Ginger (and Adam): I cannot eat noodles OR rice!! I knew I was at least somewhat allergic to wheat...I got an allergy test done and turns out I have a severe allergy to...you guessed it - RICE!!! (Of all things!)

Enter quinoa and buckwheat noodles (NOT a relation of wheat, BTW)...and life is really not so bad after all. And, of course, there is always the illustrious potato!