further evidence that my cable bill is a waste of money*

After receiving several notices that "The Rock of Love tour bus is downtown! Right now!" I finally had to cave and google it. How is it that I never hear about reality shows until they are practically to season 6? At least I have not only heard of, but also watched, its predecessor. Wait, no. That's not a good thing, I hate that show.

Cable will rot your brain.

(*a waste b/c i spend $100/month to watch reruns of Law & Order. Which reminds me -- remember when they used to play the original seasons? What ever happened to those? Remember when Michael Moriarty was the DA? Or when Mr. Big was in it the first time around? Or even the short, but great, run with the ADA with the short light brown hair? )

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Sarah said...

I've discovered Keeping up with the Kardashians. Guilty pleasure I think. But I like hearing about Kourtney who is 28 and not married yet.....pffeww!
But she has a hottie BF...what a bitch.