and now, in other health news

If you know me, you know that I drink a lot of kombucha. It's a pricey habit --well, not as pricey as cigarettes and pints of beer, but at $3 a pop it adds up. So, I decided to get with the program and start making my own. I started a culture a few weeks ago with little faith that anything would grow, but lo and behold, I have a colony:

This evening I brewed up a pot of sweet tea:

Added the culture:

And now we wait.

And yes. OH, yes. That IS a patriotically-themed sun tea jar. On sale at Shnuck's for $3. It balances out the insane hippie-ness of making one's own kombucha.

I was feeling so productive and crunchy that I went ahead and also made peanut butter cookies. Vegan peanut butter cookies.

I like to balance out my healthy kombucha habit with a steady intake of cookies, cupcakes and brownies.



im loving
the look of your kombucha
the look of you cookies
the look of you glasses


fort nest said...

i'm addicted to that stuff, too...and thought it might be a neat business venture. let me know how your tea turns out!

Sarah said...

you are so thrifty! and so inspiring! how did it taste?
ps: YOU LOOK GOOD!! (skinny minnie)

Celery said...

kombucha?! seaweed tea?! so cool. where were you buying it for $3 a pop?

gigirose said...

no, muffin, Sweet tea! Not seaweed tea. Hmmm... seaweed tea sounds healthy too.

I but mine at whole foods or my local crunchy-mart. i'll keep you posted on the home-brew.