i dream to someday have shoes instead of these sad shoeboxes on my feet

Every day when I ride to school I pass a billboard ad for US Cellular. It features a bleary eyed little girl inside of a cardboard box and the ad reads:

Believe in something better.

I can't even figure out how to begin with this one.
Believe in something better than this cardboard box?

Are they trying to compare my current cell phone company to a cardboard box, and me to a confused child trapped within my crappy plan?

I searched the google for the blogger backlash against the insanity the must be going on in the head of the Art Director that ok'd the use of this stock photo, let alone the copy. But I only found one, and the guy seems more upset about the choice of font that the fact that this girl trapped in a box is being hawked for cell phones.

Depending on the day, in my head the little girl responds:

"I dream to someday live in a real house"


"What, you don't like my fort?"

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madsp said...

Ugh. Every time I see this sign I want to throw something really big at it. It looks like a social message, but really it's all about consumerism.