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I know that this month is getting away from me, as every month does. But my plan, all along, was for June's theme to be Taking Inventory. So, I think I'll go with it, belated as it is. I'm going out in the field next week and i have no idea if I'll have access to the internets--gasp!--so I'll try to cram a bunch in until then.

I took a look into my bag the other day and had to laugh. Alongside my laptop, various cords and pens were the following apparently indispensable items:

  • seriously, like 8 tubes of lip gloss.
  • hand sanitizer that I bought about 2 years ago and I think I used once on a plane ride.
  • lotion
  • plastic spoon
  • cloth napkin
  • paper napkins collected from various lunches. I hate to throw them away.
  • nail file
  • small plastic rhino

It got me thinking-- what are other people carrying around?
So I took a small poll.

  • Deodorant
  • Gum
  • Tampons
  • Lotion
  • iPod
  • Hand sanitizer <<2>>
  • Voice recorder (for lectures)
  • Hair ties
  • barrette
  • Lip gloss x2
  • Old glasses case filled with: Ibuprofen, Claritin, Eye
  • drops and contact case.
  • Pretty felt flower pin my sister Ging gave to me for
  • X-mas :)
  • Struvite stone for good luck from a professor
  • Now where's my wallet......?

today I have (as of 7pm - which wasn't the case at 6pm):

  • one bottle of shampoo
  • wallet
  • house keys
  • check book
  • 2 pens
  • a list of "to do" items
  • business card holder
  • one rubber band
  • 2 cell phones

Emily says:
  • Notebooks
  • textbooks
  • wallet
  • glasses
  • keys
  • calculator
  • lots of pens
  • nalgene
  • lip balm
  • hand cream
  • a spoon (you never know)
  • and an umbrella. Best to be prepared.

but Jess definitely takes the cake:

Oh lord, it's no secret that I carry my own weight as a purse.
I have:
  • wallet
  • brush
  • gloves
  • make-up bag
  • book
  • notebook
  • sunglasses
  • cashews
  • bills
  • change
  • lip glosses galore
  • pens
  • camera
  • iphone
  • business cards
  • keys
  • headphones
As far as I can tell, purses are just stylish diaper bags for adults.

You said it, lady.

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