the problem with Photo Booth

If you are not a Mac user you may not be aware of Photo Booth, an application that uses the built-in webcam to snap pics.

At first Photo Booth seems like a fun, innocuous way to kill a few minutes. You could take a few pics of your new haircut and send them to your sister! Or send love-notes to your husband while he's away on business!

But beware.
It also enables you to immediately answer burning questions such as:

  • What do I look like when I'm staring intensely straight at my screen?
  • Does my double-chin show up when I'm gazing down at my keyboard?
  • Do I look funny while eating this burrito?
  • Does this hat make me look like a bruiser?
Answer: YES.

But on a positive note, Photo Booth also enables you to sneakily capture cute moments when getting up to find the camera might disturb the cuteness:

So, as long as I can keep my curiosity in check, I give it a thumbs-up.

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