get your greens

In thinking about my diet over that past few weeks I came to the startling realization that it mostly involved the following:

  • White Cheddar Cheezits
  • Storck Chocolate Reisen
  • Chevre
  • Strawberries
And ok, so there is a shining beam of hope in there in the form of a grossly out-of season fruit, that I even feel guilt for admitting that I purchased-- those strawberries have probably required as much fossil fuels in their brief life as I have used in the past year. But really, where are the vegetables?

I think about eating more vegetables all the time. I LOVE vegetables. But often they make their way into my system via a thick coconut curry, which, while tasty, is also fully stocked in the calorie department.

So, given that it is spring, and the Farmer's Market starts up soon, and 'tis the season to start eating fresh, I announce the deployment of

Operation Eat A Vegetable

Wherein I regale you with tales of my adventures in the produce department. Well, I guess I'll wait until I get home to eat them.

I even inadvertently got a jump start on this when I brought home a head of fennel last week.
I wish I had taken a picture. It was delicious. One down, thousands to go.

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