open letter

Dear Fellow Commuters,

Why are you so cranky today? Is it the wind? Did we all sleep too little last night (Thursday is the new Friday!)? What is it about me, and my small turquoise moped that is bothering you so much?

Mr. School Bus Driver your vehicle is so very large, and mine so very small. Why are you honking at me?! Don't you work with children? Chill out.

Lady in blue Cavalier-- our vehicles are nearly the same color. Can't you cut me some slack? Let me over into your lane so the people behind me can turn.

MetroBus 70 Driver, what's with the bus drivers today? It's cute, this game of cat and mouse we're playing. But honestly, can't we come to an agreement? I don't want to suck your fumes. You don't want to putz behind me. Let me get a little bit ahead and it will all be ok.


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