office visit

I brought Moxie to school this afternoon and she is a HIT. She was wiggly and cuddly without getting all freaky-hyper or going into ankle-biter mode.
She's all worn out and sleeping in the carrier at my feet, door open.

She did pee on someone, but that was the first person that held her after:
-a car ride
-in a strange carrier
-then carried in the carrier
-through busy traffic
-past a bus
-past a semi
-past a loading ramp on the back of a truck being lifted back up
-past a dolly of rattling water bottles
-onto a strange sidewalk where i kept coaxing her to pee (she didn't)
-into a building where jackhammers are being used in the basement
-into a stairwell that echoes
-with a bunch of girls in it
-who proceeded to squeal
-the squealing echoed....

Then someone wanted to hold her.
I'd have peed too.

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Fort Nest said...

what a sweetie!!!!!!!!!!