calling fall

Lately my weekdays are so busy I end up eating an inordinate amount of potstickers and Boca burgers. Finally the weekend comes and we have the time to make brunch and sit around drinking too much coffee. Today our friend Amanda came over, OJ in hand, for omelets and mimosas. Despite my post of last week regarding the arrival of fall, its been hot as blazes around here, and I have been dreaming of crisp days and cool nights. It seemed like a good time to break out the fall recipes.

We had 6 small plums that needed to be used. We could have eaten them plain, but really, when is it not a good idea to batter something and deep fry it instead?! Behold, the Plum Fritters. Rolled in a little cinnamon and sugar, they were just delicious.

They turned out so splendidly that it inspired me to cook something fallish for dinner as well.

The recipe for this pork came from the Cook's Illustrated Best Recipes cookbook that our friends Katherine and Alex gave to us. They are great cooks and great friends and I think of them every time I cook something from that book. They live up in Maine, a place where fall is real.

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Celery said...

plum fritters? is that an original? sounds amazing.