do not drink this.

The first thing that you need to know is that I do not like pink drinks.

When Adam & I got together he was spending the summer working as a bartender. I batted my eyelashes at him and he sent over a Stoli Razberry & soda, which I promptly returned, thank you very much, and asked him for a whiskey instead.
I guess that drink wasn't actually pink, but it tasted pink. I like my liquor brown.
One advantage to liking whiskey is that it does not require fancy drinks-mixs-ings skills. I don't even really like to mess with any ice, unless I'm trying to pace myself.

But I'm not drinking whiskey right now, as I am still breastfeeding. I feel comfortable with a little nightcap of beer or wine, but I feel a little shifty hitting the hard stuff too much when the beast could wake at any moment. The only thing is that the weather around here has been nearly PERFECT for three days straight. PERFECT! In the STL! It is positively unheard of. It is regal. It is epic. It calls for light refreshing cocktails. Plain old beer & wine will not cut it in weather such as this.

Meanwhile, these people have all been twittering it up about this new rhubarb flavored soda & and the ways in which they are mixing magic with it & various form of the hooch.

And so I started thinking...

I like rhubarb.
I like strawberries.
I like refreshing beverages.

And so it came to pass:

-DRY Rhubarb soda
-this really licorice-y basil from my garden

Slice strawberries and place in shaker with the basil. Keep one of each for garnish.
Muddle a bit.
( OK, so it turns out that it is kind of hard to muddle strawberries that aren't overly ripe. Hack at them as best you can)

Pour in some vodka. (make sure the lid is on tight or it will leak * ehem*)

Shake. (make sure you let it all drain back down before you pop the lid back off, or it will leak all over your counter *ehem*)

Strain into glass.
(So.... I don't know if it is my shaker or if the strawberry chunks were in the way or what, but the liquid wouldn't come out. So I had to pop the lid and pour it into a big strainer)

Add Rhubarb soda & garnish.
And there you have it.
And what you have, sir, is pink.
And not very good.
Not at all like the strawberry rhubarb pie that I'd imagined.

Some things that might perk it up:
-sugar. Eventhough I hate sweet drinks, I think this one could use a little more.
-limes. Because what cocktail doesn't benefit from limes?
-or, ideally, both. As well as some other kind of fancy liquor that I don't know about.

I never claimed to be a bartender.


Patty said...

Love this tale, my dear. I am especially fond of rhubarb but not sure about it with liquor either. I like my alcohol brown as well. Had a very bad 1 martini night a few weeks ago. It was a really delicious gin martini, but did not fare well in my stomach. This I believe might be some peoples' idea of the perfect summer drink. But my dear, try a really nice chilled Sauvigon Blanc of the Marlborough type from New Zealand. Mmmm

gigirose said...

i just said the other day, "Sauvignon Blanc is the water of summer".