navigating the Sunday Times

  • Cursory glance at big headlines to see if there is something I'd like to read about in more depth
  • Modern Love column
  • the rest of the Sunday Styles section
  • Book Review
  • Week in Review
  • the rest of the first section/National news
  • NYT Magazine (read over the course of the week)

How do you read it?


Anonymous said...

Definitely with you on the Styles first. I go over the wedding announcements for cultural trends. This week, there was more than the token bride older than the groom.

LAURA!!! said...

I am embarrassed to admit a lot of things about this...
a.) being that I no longer subscribe to the real times, just the la impostor version...
and b.) Nate reads through it summarizing a lot of it and then hands me the target and Macy advertisements and style section... wow that makes me sound square.

gigirose said...

whatever. the Sunday Styles section is the most interesting one of all, if you ask me. All cultural commentary and such.

EndyFam said...

You have time to read the paper?!?!