This is where I am from:

Do you notice how there is water EVERYWHERE?

In hot summery weather like we're having now it is so hard to be so far away from home, a place where people just keep their bathing suits in the car, because chances are you're going to drive by water at some point in time during the day, so why not stop for a quick dip?

I also used to live here for a long time:
That there's the ocean.

And for a while we lived here:

Or, more specifically, here:
It was grand. I saw the ocean from my back door.

This is where I live now:
There are tons of great things about living in St. Louis, but proximity to large bodies of water is not one of them. And no, the rivers don't count.

I think I miss the smell of water as much as I miss seeing it. But I miss being in it most of all.


amanda said...

While I enjoy the large water immensely when I get to visit it, I've always maintained on certain summer days, (to paraphrase an ex-boyfriend who loved to say "more than a handful's a waste," of breasts), that really, you only need cold water of slightly more volume than the body you want to put in it. So...in other words, as soon as I get our next backyard inflatable pool blown up, I hope you'll keep a suit in your car and come join me and Milo in it every warm day. :)

Andy McLeod said...

Well, as an enticement to come to my wedding in September, we are getting married within feet of a lake, and have even considered ending the ceremony with a swim if it's warm enough.

gigirose said...

Roger that.
You've got a deal.

Hoff said...

you could check into a pool membership? The new Carondelet YMCA facilities looked nice when I was there last week.