getting on the bandwagon

1. It turns out that working from home everyday turns me into a really boring person. A boring person with nothing to blog about except my pets and I try, I really do try, to keep that in check.

So, hence the silence of late.

2. If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all. that is why I have refrained from complaining publicly about why I have had to sort of stop reading a few of the "big" blogs that I used to follow. Most of it has to do with things getting stale, and/or everyone wanting their blog to be everything all at once. I am business person/writer/mom/designer/cook/blogger! (not that I never fall prey to that! glass houses!)

3. I fear the bandwagon to the point that it makes me annoyingly scornful. Sometimes. A lot. It is one of my character flaws. Raise your hand if you are judgmental out of deep buried insecurities!

All of that just as lead up to this, my main point. This lady over here, she does lots of things that are inspiring lots of people to go out and do their own inspiring things. It is all so optimistic and cheery & funded by advertisers that the jaded black shriveled wretch that is my insides wants to hate it all. Except this one part where every week she takes time to toast a few, small bits of wonderful.

Because the thing is, despite all my big talk, I love the little things to. They are what get me through the day. Vegetables inadvertently chopped in rainbow order! Being trapped in a doorway during a downpour. Full ice cube trays.

So, I am thinking that, in an attempt to Focus On the Positive! I shall join in the movement and give some sort of regular thanks.


Today I am fueled by grey t-shirts & pierogies.


fort nest said...

as a girl who works from home—i can vouch for #1. That's why FN hasn't had a post since 2009. cats..cats...a chicken...a bunny...etc.

today for me: sfigodelle! yum.

gigirose said...

oh my god, i don't even know what that is! but it sounds delicious.

About Rosemary Hagan said...

This sound like the workings of a greatful spirit within.
Be gentle with it.. and it will be blessed