late-night coffee shop

Going to study at a coffee shop at 9pm is a great way to make myself keep working. That's just about when I'm feeling like I should be throwing in the towel for the night, but look! All of these people out and working and chatting and that lady just ordered dinner! Second wind!

But it is also when the crazies come out. Who practices a foreign language out loud in public? Oh, that guy does.

Other observations:

How is it that women from South America are able to look elegant wearing long fuzzy sweaters and hiking pants that would make event the svelt-est USA-American look like a raging hippie?

What kind of a self-respecting coffee shop plays this kind of festive holiday muzak?

Dude, I don't care if your hair is bleached and you are wearing black glasses, you are about 20 years too old for those skinny jeans.

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