my procrastination skills are wicked

Sites I usually frequent for procrastination purposes that I've left high and dry in the past few weeks:
-nytimes Science Times on Tuesdays
-various shopping (for home or self) sites where I fill up the cart with everything I like and then quickly close the window before I actually buy anything.
-craigslist -- the ULTIMATE procrastination zone

The one I can't shake:
-google reader

In addition to the long list of random blogs I read, I also subscribe to the RSS feeds from all the journals that I'm supposed to be keeping up with. Now all the abstracts for new articles feed into my Reader page. Then when I feel the need to procrastinate by going to catch up on all the blogs that I follow, I can make sure that I'm also perusing recent articles that I should be reading anyway. It is still taking time and brain power away from the thing that I'm actually supposed to be doing, so in that way it is still procrastination. But if it wasn't for that I would probably never find the time to scan the abstracts of all of these journals every week.

Moral of the story: fill your feed-reader with things you should be reading anyway and then you can traipse even farther down the path of denial about your procrastination.

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