too old for this business

Mid-term exam tomorrow!*
Can't I get some kind of age-related pass? Isn't 30 too old for
Grad school has a way of simulteneously making me feel ancient, and
like I've hit the pause button on my adultdhood.
Too many grey hairs & mortgage payments for this salary level &
schedule. Sometimes I wonder why I left my good-paying job in the real
world (where I got to be in the field year-round!) & signed up for 5
years** of crazy. I love the science that much?!

* and in hindsight the 7pm latte*** might be causing a breakdown in my mission to 'Get A Good Night of Sleep'
** oh, please let it just be five
*** and just so's we're clear, I'm not really a latte drinker. Americanos or bust.


Karina said...

Soon I'll write a post about being called ma'am by a college student. That made me feel old. :-(

Rosemary Hagan, D.Min. said...

Masters at 45 and D.Min. at 55....
So old is a old does..or crazy is as crazy does...