recovery phase

I'm no longer marooned at a conference, but now I'm stuck in bed with a mystery illness.
I have some thoughts and pics to share when I am fully functional, but in the mean time a few brief notes:

I am going to recuperate in bed with Wild Swans, which I just borrowed from my friend and should be required reading for everyone, especially anyone working in China, especially women.  It is epic and grand. 

I hate to let on that I am sick to the people here at the research station, as I do not want them to worry, but it is a little hard to hide the fact that I have been holed up in my room and didn't show up for lunch.  People keep popping by to check in on me, and bringing food.  I can finally keep it down, so most of it is welcome, with the exception of this fine treat, offered up by one of the grad students.  They call it milk tea, but it is really neither.  More like bitter, watery Quik with chunks of clear gelatin in it-- this one is strawberry flavored.  No likey.

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that drink sounds crazy gross. I hope you feel better. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxo thinking of you