productivity fail

What I meant to do after dinner:

-enter data from the past 2 days
-start analyzing some data from a different project
-write a post for the research blog...

What I did instead:
-watched the lightning storm
-drank a warm Coke
-took a shower in the dark (power out!)
-wandered around my room
-made tea and didn't realize until halfway through that I forgot to put the tea in it. mmmm..hot water!
-listened to an old episode of This American Life while organizing digital photos (3 cheers for laptop batteries)
-did a yoga podcast (hip openers!)

Even in China, I am boring.

1 comment:

dna said...

sounds like a great quiet evening....remember this when you get home and all you want to do is take a shower in the dark and do some yoga, but a certain boy won't stop chatting!