rest assured

So, my sister has kindly pointed out that I am making everyone a bit nervous with my Crazy.
(And isn't this why we have sisters, really?  To speak the truth?)
But listen, people.
Don't freak out, because I'm not -- anymore.
That's the nice thing about this whole blog endeavor; I can air the Crazy for all to see, examine it from a few different angles, discuss it's intricacies and deconstruct it's post-post-modern hegemonic bull, and then move on.  

I crossed the threshold (for now).
I decided that if my research poster did not want to print, then that was a sign that I needed to pack it all in and spend the evening chilling out.
I went to yoga.
I wen to a bday/going away party.
I sat on the porch and watched the lightning.
I went to bed.

Everything always looks brighter in the morning.

PS-- T-minus 48 hours and three minutes to take-off.


Brian said...

Hey Ginger-- You're going to have a great time in China! I spent a month there on a study tour in 2005 (Shanghai/Beijing/Chengdu/Xian/Lanzhou) and six months in 06-07, teaching ELA at an international school in Shanghai. Don't sweat the language too much! It's impossible to learn it in a vacuum, and most would say it's impossible to pick up quickly at all. You'll learn the market basics when you're there. My biggest tip: ask Chinese speakers to write out your destinations so you can just show it to cab drivers. You're sure to encounter cabbies who, no matter how well you pronounce your destination,will have trouble understanding you, or at least they'll pretend to. Also, whenever you are at a hotel pick up a card at the front desk, so you can just show it to a cabbie to find your way home. Nonverbal communication is key! Point at things, smile, and be prepared for people to rip you off a bit, or give you gross food in restaurants just to see if you eat it. That's part of the experience. And yes, you probably will freak out a little when you're there. But that's part of it too. If you have any other questions please drop me a line. Can't wait to hear about it. I would love to go back and visit...

Anonymous said...

But of course! Love you GiGi!! I'm so excited for you!