in which i become a movie critic

Have you seen this movie?  I thought it was going to be about a big confusion regarding Don Cheadle working for the American government whilst trying to infiltrate the infidels.
And sure maybe that's the plot, but certainly not the point.
The point of Traitor?
Any brown person could be a terrorist!
You should fear ALL brown people.
Even the hip looking ones.
Especially the hip looking ones.
Because brown people are secretly mocking you while they serve you coffee and design art installations and put out fires, and they are just waiting for other brown men with much thicker eyebrows and slightly thicker accents to come and call them to duty.  
And then they threw in a few platitudes by the white government guys about how there a people on the good and bad sides of every religion, (some Christians are in the KKK!) just so they could pat themselves on the back about being fair.  
And then the most religious person of all saves everyone, so don't you see? It's not the religion, man!  It's the people who try to twist it to boost their own power!  
Except it's all so much more nuanced than that, and anyway, that point is kind of lost behind the much more blatant message of this film, in which all white people are good and all brown people are scary!!!


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