desert bound

A whole troop of grad students came to take me to dinner & then to my train. They will all be studying at the same research station as me, but won't arrive for 2 weeks.

Science in China, as with all other things, is about relationships first. I'm so used to being self-sufficient when it comes to my work, especially fieldwork. But here, I know nothing about the area, only a little about the research that is going on at this research station, and my original research plan had to be scrapped. Also my grasp of Mandarin is almost nil. So, I am going to let this first week be about making a good impression. The science can come next.

-- -- -- > I can't access blogger form here, so I have to update via email, and I can't check it to see if everything loaded properly.  Can someone pls. comment and let me know if you see a pic & text?  


Anonymous said...

pic and text good to go! you sound so HAPPY ging! I'm so glad!! missing you!

Kristy3m said...

It looks like a bunch of nice people to help you out!
Pic came through.
Enjoy getting to know the people there!

Christy Hoffmann said...

post looks good ginger. hope you are enjoying your trip :) -hoff

Rosemary Hagan, D.Min. said...

Wise choice.. build relationships.

Love you,

dna said...

things look good, Hope all is well for you! I love seeing your updates! we miss you!