tile woes

I have a whole backlog of posts that I need to write.

About my mom, the grand weather we've been having, the fact that I now have the entire contents of a bathroom displayed in my backyard (toilet ala fresco!).
But before I can do that we have to settle on some new tile.
And it boggles the mind, people, how two people who went into this knowing exactly what they wanted can get so bogged down with the little details.
Somehow retro-repro Hex & Subway tiles (as in here),
has turned into a long week of waffling.
Glazed or unglazed?
1" or 2"?  1.5"?
All white or with a colored flower mosaic?
Square trim or rectangular?
And don't get me starting on shopping around for the best deals.

It is sucking my will to live.

First world problems, folks, I know.  
But we have to decide so we can repair all the work we did on Sunday:

Also, regarding that tub?
We have secured a sledgehammer and will soon be bludgeoning it to death so we can fit it down the stairs. 
Back to the important musings soon.



1.5 inch, glazed with rectangular trim.
actually, I don't know how you will ever choose.
but it sounds like FUN!

PS - Angela Adams line for Ann Sacks tiles... awesome. ...
uh oh, more options!

Rosemary said...

just go with what they show and describe in the display/link. Looks great.. decision made..move on and you will love it.

gigirose said...

can't do exactly those in the pic b.c we can't afford it! tooo expensive.
but we ordered similar stuff this morn!