bit by bit

Things are slowly coming together.
We are still living in chaos, but there are bright spots within the madness:

-Happy New Home flowers from the family

-Geraniums on the porch (i've never been a geranium fan, but suddenly they seemed cheery and optimistic)

- Scrubbed and painted basement walls and floors so that we can store things in clean environs (courtesy Adam. I contributed nothing to that)

-New closet setup so we are able to actually hang all of our clothes & get them up off the floor (it's amazing how a pile of clothes on hangers can start to make you feel crazy)

-2 rad craigslist finds today: a dresser and a sideboard.  pics to come. This is a major bonus of living in the Midwest over the coasts -- rad modern furniture can still be found for cheap!!! hooray! (Yes--I am excited about a sideboard. I also looked in the mirror today & realized that one of my (many) grey hairs was sticking straight up out of my head...the stage has been set for me to turn 30)

-Craigslist washer & dryer currently chugging away in the basement... what is it about the sound of laundry in the dryer that makes it feel like home?

-Also: the 2 best sidekicks around


fort nest said...

So exciting!!!!!!!! xoxo

lynnjo said...

It sounds like you're ready to enjoy this flickr group: