trying a hot bath before bed tonight

So, the fact that I keep dreaming about crossing dark passageways, where suddenly a 'bad' person appears & wants to hurt me, and I wake up screaming... that's stress, right?  

When I was in high school I would dream that my teeth were falling out.

In college I would dream that a fire was starting in a room, and I was unable to move or make a sound to warn anyone.

Apparently I have moved on to the less nuanced, more blatant imagery of axe murderers and rapists trying to attack me in dark alleys. 

A guess at what I have to look forward to in my dreams in years to come:

-Zombie invasions
-the Black plague
-Bands of rogue monkeys
 -the world running out of red wine

I'll keep you posted.

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a room full of sour candy, and you can't open your mouth!