new game plan

I have a bad habit of lying in bed at night creating a mental list of all the things I did NOT accomplish during the day.  Actually, fixating might be a better word.  Given the fact that I always have more to do that could ever be accomplished in one day, plus my predisposition for feeling a little frantic and inadequate in general (with respect to this school/research game), this is not a productive act.

So, instead I have been willing myself to forget the 'To-Do' list and instead compile a mental 'Accomplished' list.  A little mental checklist of all the things I did work on, attend to, think about, or (gasp!) finish (!) during the course of the day.  A little psychic pat on the back before I nod off.  


EndyFam said...

You're awesome. Grad school is supremely overwhelming!!

I found this year that "rules" like this helped me a lot. My overarching tenant this school year was "stay in the moment." Not like in a cliched, stop-and-smell-the-roses, Zen sort of way, but in a really practical way...it was an essential rule. Sure, you have to do some planning ahead, but sometimes I could not bear to think ahead to the next day/hour/minute because I simply had too much to do!

Anonymous said...

I NEED MORE WHOOP BLOGS! How am I going to procrastinate without a gigi blog to read?!?!