the mind fairly boggles

We were in Minneapolis for a few days this past week & aside from all the other things that are great about that city (the snow, the biking, the public transport, the general happiness and goodwill, the fact that some of our favorite people live there...) they also have this rad store called AxMan Surplus, where they sell... EVERYTHING. And lots of it.  I love nothing more than big bins of all of the same thing.  Especially when there are several bins in different colors. I just wandered around glassy-eyed.  I want to go there everyday.  I want to become an installation artist so I can have a real excuse to purchase an entire bin of widgets.  Five bins of various sized widgets.

Here are some of my favorites:
(and most things feature witty signage to boot!)

bags of doll heads?!  hello?!

This is one of about 20 bins of glass jars of various sizes.  I know!  The possibilities!

Just in case.

Just in case Part II.



wow, that place looks freaking awesome.
ps- i totally see you as an install. artist.... little grasses and retainer cases, plastered in a large room.... yes yes

Rosemary said...

And the doll heads appear to be sporting a sale tag!