new pet peeve

Dear Twitter-ers who post 85 messages in a row,

Maybe you have 85 different points to make, or maybe you are just feeling restricted by that oh-so-bothersome 140 character limit, but thems-the-rules, kid. Reign it in.

If you feel the need to wax poetic about such a plethora of topics, maybe you could space them out a bit across the day.

And if it your prose needs more than 140, perhaps you should consider a different outlet.
It is annoying & you're clogging my Twitterific feed.

Write it on your blog, I read that too.

Man, some day we will totally look back on this as a quaint time when professionals around the world were hoodwinked into a gigantic scheme to make us sound silly: twitter, tweet, twitterific. I'm starting to think it is a big conspiracy.

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