starting 2009 with a whimper

After spending all of yesterday recuperating from my overly enthusiastic consumption of Rose Champage the night before, I am here to report that today's effort level is also startlingly low.

Today has gone a little bit like this:

-wake up. stare at ceiling.
-roll over. "listen to the news" in bed
-stumble to coffee maker
-eat breakfast, get half dressed
-seriously consider going back to bed
-stumble around for a while
-RIDE TO WORK! the crowning achievement for the day.
-check email
-read blogs
-check email
-get coffee
-open & print document for editing
-decide to read some papers instead
- fall asleep with head on desk (no joke. it's insanely quiet around here this week)
- check email
- eat lunch

here's hoping the rest of the day works out a little better.
Happy Friday!

.. i'm working on a 2008 retrospective... more soon.

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