civic duty

The thing about twitter, is that it is short. Short, and convenient.
And by convenient, I mean instant-access, which we all know is sometimes good, but usually bad. Especially when it comes to broadcasting the thoughts in your head to thousands fifteen people.
But there it is.
And, because the format is so short, it is great for all those little thoughts and ideas that are really too short to qualify for their own separate blog post, but too ephemeral to remember and catalog into one larger post. But sometimes (lots) all my thoughts are short & suddenly everything is going to twitter, rather than blogger & I wonder why I have a real blog at all.

But my point is that these past 2 days are proof why the blog & twitter worlds are separate, because if you are unlucky enough to follow me, you would have been subject to something along these lines:

-jury duty. juuuury duty. waiting.
-still waiting
-day 2. bah.
-the endless waiting of jury duty is eating my soul
-and now, on to day 3.

I guess my point is just to say that that is where I am.
Stuck in a room with a few hundred of my fellow STL citizens.

To stop me from any more complaining and to remind me that both Uncle Sam & Obama want me to do my civic duty, my dad sent this along: (hilarious!)

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