why i love my friends

I was telling Leslie about the crazy end-of-semester that I am experiencing right now and to cheer me up she sent this:

Which is possibly my favorite segment of Sesame Street ever, right next to the one where the girl takes her llama to the dentist, and the amazing stop animation of Teeny Little Super Guy.

Ah, good times.

>>>>>>>> UPDATE: in a random act of synergy, MadPainter also just posted an awesome SS video. I always loved that art deco house...


madsp said...

I just posted a Sesame Street video on my blog late last night! I wonder if she saw mine or if it's purely coincidence.

madsp said...

Wait, I think I'm talking about Leslee since I don't know a Leslie. So it's pure coincidence!

At any rate, the llama episode is great; I had forgotten about that one. And who could forget the martians?

Do you remember the tweedlebugs in Ernie's windowsill? And the pinball number count is the best cartoon.

Your friend is right on: there's nothing like vintage Sesame Street to make you feel good. Good luck with finishing up the semester!

EndyFam said...

True gems. I love that the girl is walking down the city streets with her llama!

We watch a lot of vintage sesame street around our house these days. A recent favorite is Fuzzy & Blue: