thanksgiving highlights day 1

We started Thanksgiving day with a walk around the riverside & Arch grounds.

We had so much fun wandering around and discovering the parade that we got home late and the turkey went in 2 hrs. later than we had intended. And it was several pounds heavier than we remembered. And so we ate a lot later than we thought we would.

I'm including the following pic for 2 reasons:

1. b/c this will henceforth be known as the year I scandalized the family by forgetting to change out of my t-shirt into something nicer before we sat down to dinner. Scandalized!

2. look at that turkey!!! browned to perfection & oh so juicy.

A few other highlights in addition to all the great food we ate at dinner:

1. The turkey was so big (and therefore it took so long to cook) that I had enough down time to laze around on the couch with the dog for an hour in front of the fire.

2. Mimosas! Brilliant! And a new T-day tradition, if you ask me.

3. Sarah's Jell-o mold. Excellent.

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Rosemary said...

Pumpkin Pie for breakfast Thanksgiving Day morning.. now that is a smart change in tradition.