highs & lows

Wow, what a weekend. I usually try to not bore you with a run down of my goings-on, but this one comes with a message.

It started out so grand-- we channeled all of our pre-election fervor into Halloween costume party excitement & stayed out way too late eating candy.

Then we headed out to the country for another round of Halloween-spirit fun, complete with a bonfire, hayrides and man in a mask stumbling through the woods with a chainsaw.

The weather was perfect and the company was grand, but there were a lot of dogs. A lot of dogs that didn't know each other. A lot of dogs that didn't know each other and were not necessarily used to a big-dog-socialized little boston terrier who wanted to play. One of them cornered her in the house in the middle of the night which resulted in my waking the whole house with my shrieks. Then right as we were leaving this morning another one decided to try to take a bite out of her. More shrieking, but this time on her part. Sadly, she wasn't the only little dog in the bunch to end up in the doggie ER. Bag doggy juju going around that place.

Lesson learned. Big country dogs & little city dogs do not mix, at least not in that large of a group.

On the up side (?) I ate so much candy this weekend that I think I'm set for a good week or so. Maybe five days.

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