late night encounter in a 7-11

Sigh. Yes, Mr. Rockstar-looking Man.
I am buying a Charleston Chew.
It just seemed appropriate in this moment, when I couldn't decide between Spree & Skittles.
Believe me; I imagined that I'd be over this kind of candy by my age as well.

But listen, look at yourself.
You, with your ratty jeans, black glasses, frumpled hair and beat-up van.
You are buying a case of Stag.

We are equally ridiculous in this moment.


Lisa said...

I'd take a Chew over a Stag any day. What is a Stag anyways? He probably got home, popped a top and thought, MAN if only I had a Charleston Chew.

Anonymous said...

I bought Now and Laters the other day at a gas station on 8 mile. I did it while a group of young, frumpled looking gentlemen looked on in bewilderment....Listen. When the candy craving strikes, you have a duty as a Hagan woman to honor it....by hell or high water....

gigirose said...

here here, baby.