in no particular order

if you wonder why i am staring at feet
There is someone in my building who wears black Adidas and is on the same bathroom schedule as me. Either that, or she is in there all day, because every time I go in our tiny two-stall bathroom I can see her shoes in the next stall.

the one time sweetness & light seemed like an appropriate name for a sports column
Normally NPR sports-commentator Frank Deford makes me want to never watch sports again, but his tribute to Paul Newman this week was kind-of touching. In a nutshell: he was a gem, and we would all do well to follow his example now & again.

ala elliot smith
Don't get me wrong, I think he's a genius as much as the rest of you, and maybe I have just been traveling too much lately, but every time a forlorn blogger is hang-wringing about the death of David Foster Wallace they short-hand it to DFW and I always think "Dallas-Fort Worth"?
(except for mimi, whom i adore).

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