one crazy block

In general, riding a bike slows down your pace enough to let you notice things you might speed right by in a car. But this is mostly true in areas where you would be driving kind of fast. In the city, you have to pay more attention to cars and traffic lights than potential interesting sights, at least along my busy route.

Today, the weather forecast called for a 80% chance of rain allll day long, and the sky looked so foreboding that I completely chickened out and drove to school. Then it didn't rain. At all. I was feeling like a total slacker on my way home, until, stuck in traffic, watching the bikes speed by in the bike lane, I looked over to the sidewalk and saw a seemingly normal looking woman with a cat on a leash. The cat was on her shoulder. Like a parrot. I looked left, across three lanes of traffic and saw a man on a large John Deere tractor. Making a left hand turn in six lanes of traffic.

And then, I SWEAR on my puppy, a flock of pigeons flew across the sky in the shape of Lenin's head.

Maybe I should drive more often.

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