internet, work your magic

UPDATE: WOW! I didn't think anyone would actually respond, but check out all the great ideas in the comments. Thanks! You've inspired me to dig a bit deeper and figure this out for sure. Next stop, Antiques Roadshow, where it is revealed that this once held princely spittoons, and is worth 86 bajillion dollars.

Does anyone have any idea what this thing is? It's been on our porch
since we moved in and I think the reason I've never moved it is
precisely because I have no idea about its intended purpose.

Drink holder?
Umbrella stand?


dna said...

My guess would be a smoking stand. It would hold two ashtrays and at least one really fancy glass lighter and maybe a glass container of smokes?
when you find out please share.
We will miss you this week-
Go Falcons!

dna said...

A smoking stand? Two of the holes would hold ashtrays. At least one would hold one of those fancy big glass lighters. I don't know-and I have never seen one- but the last one might hold a glass container for smokes. That is my guess-
We will miss you this week-Go Falcons!

Mary said...

Maybe you can put little flower pots in it?

Sarah said...

bean bag toss?

Lolololori said...

Looks to me like it's an ashtray! just missing the trays that fit in the circle holes.

see this: http://vintagegoodness.blogspot.com/2008/01/return-of-casino-ashtrays.html it's another one similar to yours.

Debbie said...

I think it might have been a smoking stand. The holes contained little ashtrays that could be removed for emptying. YUK. You could use it to hold little pots of herbs instead. :-)

Aunt Debbie


bean bag toss has got my vote. good call sarah.
but alas, I bet ashtray holder is right.

Anonymous said...

This is a circa 1910 Wiener Werkstratte Austrian IUD. If it is stamped "Hoffman" on the underside, it is worth a great deal in Austro-Hungarian Empire currency, which is now sadly worthless.

The medical effectiveness of this prototype (nicknamed The Wurst-Disabler) was near 100% since many fraus would pass out and vomit at the site of the W-D, rendering their Viennese man-handlers Limp Noodle Mensch.

That is all.