flashback whiplash

Remember when you were a freshman in college and you had that teacher who was so nice, but perhaps had not the strongest grasp of English, but you got used that, it was just that there seemed to be no correlation between the slides he was showing and the words that were coming out of his mouth? And then you received your homework assignment, and it didn't seem to be related to either the words OR the slides, but was in fact traveling along some orthogonal axis toward the infinite land of confusedness? But you handed it in anyway, and then in the next class the slides suddenly had everything to do with the homework? Until they didn't. Repeat for four months.

That never happened to me. And I am paying for it now.

I thought grad school was about higher thinking and not about trying to remember stupid obscure* physics equations from high school.

I'm listening to Santogold on repeat and breathing deeply.

*sadly, probably not obscure to anyone else, as everyone else took physics in college, like good science majors, but i studied the history and politics of large African countries instead, and while it informs my processing of the news, I don't get graded on that. I was recently asked by a tutoring place if i'd be interested in tutoring a student in physics. "Hahahahahahha," I said.

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