doggie vacation

I mentioned yesterday that Adam brought back a tub of cherries from Michigan, but I neglected to mention that he left our dog behind. She will be spending the next three weeks cavorting in the mild weather with our parents' dogs, relaxing on the beach and taking hikes in the woods. Our puppy gets more vacation time than we do.

I had a hard, hard time with this arrangement at first, especially having to come home from a week in the field to no puppy kisses. no puppy cuddling when I get home from school... no puppy waking us up at 5 a.m. --ok, that part's not so bad. But it is so hot here, and I am out of town so much and adam works such long hours that she was hot, sad and bored.

An update from the in-laws indicates that she is having a rather good time:

But you know how that summertime living goes once the parents are away -- it's all late nights at the beach with a bottle of rum. In fact, I worry that she'll fall victim to the bad influence of these other pups, who are used to this life of leisure and good times...

Maybe by the time we go back to get her she'll know how to mix a cocktail for me. Or at least pop open a beer. We'll save opening wine bottles for another time.

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