where i am

I'm out in the field for the next week conducting some research at the Appleton-Whittell Research Ranch, south of Tucson. This ranch is now owned and managed by Audubon and it is gorgeous here.

After spending so much time in a desertified grassland (i.e. there aren't many grasses there any more) it is nice to be working in a real bonafide grassland, with grass as far as you can see.

More from me when I return late next week.


fort nest said...

amazing landscape...i'd like to go there someday. you lucky girl!

T-Dubb said...

I met a soil scientist today, Ginger! I told her about the time I called it dirt in front of you and you corrected me. Good times!

Rosemary said...

You aren't there anymore!! You are here with us! Yea!


I love that last photo, it has the color pallet of an old Polaroid. so pretty! Also, will you post pics of leelanau county too! pls! and the puppies playing. xoxooxoxoxoxo