i can now cover your end table in wood laminate

We hit thrifting pay dirt this weekend.

A COMPLETE set of Popular Mechanics Do-IT-Yourself Encycolpedias. Circa 1952.
Twelve Volumes!

I can't even begin to detail all of the things that I will soon know how to do. They range from the practical:

Knot tying
Fence building

and of course...
Fire starting
... with your own hand-carved bellows!
& even five pages on how to make a riflescope!
But it can't be all home-improvement all the time, no! So when it is time for recreating, might I suggest that we:
Fly a kite!
Start a succulent garden...
build a pool for the kiddies...
or jazz up some tired old outfits!

Well, I guess now I know what I'm doing with my summer.

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