I know that I have only been married for almost-two-years, and I'm sure that in 20 more I will have accumulated a shed full of wisdom and insights about this whole business, but here is my main revelation so far:

When you're first dating you spend a lot of time thinking about the other person's Crazy. Too much? Not enough? And finally you find one, where you think that you can deal with their Crazy forever-and-ever-amen. And you pat yourself on the back for finding someone with just the right amount of Crazy.

And slowly you realize that is not the point AT ALL. In fact, you have in backwards. What you really have just done is that you have found someone who has just agreed to sign on to your YOUR Crazy.

There are so many examples of this in our house. From my horrible personality before 9am to the fact that, sadly, I still own a few pairs of underwear that I had when we first met nearly 7 years ago. But here is the most recent case:

Adam just helped me haul our bed and dressed into our tiny little cave of an office so that I could turn our huge, light-filled bedroom into my (our!) office. Everything is backwards and topsy turvy and I love it and I have a new lease on life now that I don't have to work in a dungeon.

For the first time ever we have enough room for both of us to have a desk, and I get to work right next to a window, and peace shall prevail over the land. Just as soon as I can figure out which pictures to hang, and where.

I get the re-arranging urge from my parents. I used to do it to my roommates in college--they'd come back form break and everything would be in a different place. Patty used to deal with it nicely as well. But Adam suffers the brunt of it-- in the one year that we have lived here I have rearranged our living room three times, our entry way twice, now this most recent bedroom-office swap... next up? Dining room! It gives me a new lease on life.

Sunny office! Wheeeeeee-haw! I love Adam.

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