because sometimes blog entries write themselves


I'm watching this hockey game on TV ("Yeah, it's the Pittsburgh/Philly
game" I say to Dave, like I've been a fan all my life) and I'm pretty
sure they were just playing Cris Cross on the loud speaker. Do you
remember having a party in maybe Jr. High, before the basement was
redone? Maybe you had a lot, I don't know. But I remember during one
particular party I was pretending not to listen to everything going on
from the dining room table and you guys were playing Cris Cross.
I remember telling Mom, "See, I like music like this!" And she
said something to the effect of it not being that bad and she liked it
too. Ha ha ha....

I have no memory of Kriss Kross (that's with a "K", yo. Adam informs me that Chris Cross was a yacht-rock superstar from the 70s), but I do distinctly remember playing House of Pain's Jump Around -- is that even what the song is called? I don't know. The one where they go: "Jump! Jump! Jump!", as if there really is any other House of Pain song. But Kris Kross had a Jump song too...

I remember playing it on repeat. And i remember thinking of that recently and wondering if mom and dad wanted to die b/c we were playing that damn song over and over.

I also remember that Eric was making out with Erin Wilson.
(She's one of those girls, where either she's living in a trailer with her babies or she's a DA in a mid-sized city. Neither would really surprise me.)
and i was all -- "I'm hosting a party where people are making out. SUCCESS"

This is similar to how we felt when we found out that several of our single friends had hooked up at our wedding.

I don't remember playing any Kriss Kross, but I'm pretty sure it was at the same party.

Henceforth called the JUMP party.

P.S. I love that you felt like "this is MY KIND OF MUSIC!" Right on.

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