like a little hobo

By the way, in my head I am packing my bags and moving into this little enchanted castle in the middle of the Mississippi River:

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One Enchanted Castle
Mississippi River

When I was little I was really into the idea of miniature 'living' spaces -- forts, trailers, tents. I even remember vividly a plan I had for how I might be able to put walls up around my seat on the schoolbus to make my own private room. And since the bus was so tall, maybe I could even put in a spiral staircase up to a 2nd floor.

When we lived in the Hudson Valley I loved the lighthouse in Saugerties, and the fact that someone got to live there, all the time, practically in the middle of the river. The romanticism is almost too much for me.

(and to put an its-a-small-world spin on it, when we moved to STL we found out that our new friend Steve is actually friends with the lighthouse keeper, and has been a guest at the lighthouse... the brain churns with the possibilities...)

And now, in this month's issue of ReadyMade is a whole feature article on tiny do-it-yourself modern kit-buildings to put in one's backyard--esentially a fort for grown ups.

I'm currently bargaining with Adam that either we build one for me on top of our deck or i'm moving out to the island.

If, someday, you decide as we did, to ride on up to the Chain of Rocks Bridge, you might see Adam standing there, trying to figure out how to come and visit me in my castle.



I loooove that little shed/fort/studio that you show. with those slanted windows at the roof, so cool.
Nate's dad has a "music room" that every few years has gotten bigger and bigger. But I think it's essential!
Is that 2 different island castles in the river? the little tower and a bigger one?

Also, I have always had a love and dream of my house having a spiral staircase. I know other people like them, but when you grew up climbing em... sigh. I will never like normal stairs again.


did i send that to you like a billion times?
im still trying to figure this out...

T-Dubb said...

I love that castle! One of the KWMUers did a story about it a few years before I got there, I seem to recall. I'll come visit you!

madsp said...

I think all kids like cozy mini spaces that match their mini selves. Blanket forts were the best. I made little spaces to sleep in the woods too. I'm dreaming of my own little glass greenhouse someday. (And I had a spiral staircase growing up too!)