Just dropped the guests off at the airport.
After this weekend I have a new rule:
If you want to come and visit, you have to bring a toddler. It was so much fun!
An easy thing to say when in the all-of-the-benefits-none-of-the-responsibility type of role. And also easy to say when she's as fun as this little one.
I'll wax poetic about the pros of toddler visitation once I download some pictures.

On another note, my friend Carrie, over at fortnest, just finished her studio in a little shed on their property in Maine. You should go on over to her site and peek at it. I would love to have a space like that (especially in Maine!). All I have is a corner in the basement:

I dream of a day when we'll have enough space for me to sprawl across a whole room. An event that will have Adam going into spasms every time he walks by -- my clutter gives him hives. I promise to shut the door, honey!

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