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This weekend Parker is coming to visit all the way from Maine, with his little munchkin Haley-Jo in tow. I know the arrival of a bachelor & a 3 yr. old shouldn't send me into a cleaning frenzy, but I wanted to make sure she didn't toddle out of the bedroom with an empty beer bottle or a pair of dirty underwear.

Just kidding! Well, sort of. There are not any empty beer bottles... in the bedroom.

However, while vacuuming under the bed I did find this:

The sock that I have been missing since... oh, maybe all winter. At least since New Year's.
What does it mean about me, and my tenuous grasp on adulthood, that the missing sock was just two feet from my head every night, being colonized by dust bunnies, for lo' these long cold months?

I am pretty sure that in my early twenties when I pictured myself, some day in the future, married and in graduate school, that I pictured myself living in a world where the floors under my bed were cleaned on a much more regular basis. It's just that I FORGET.

I am, however, happy to report that the area behind the television was much less dirty than I expected, and in fact, was hardly dusty at all. I guess the vacuum has made the rounds to that deep dark recess a bit more recently. And from that small, dust-free corner, I take some bit of solace.

A Note on Cleaning Attire:

When I vacuum & mop I like to wear heels. It makes me hate the vacuum less, and, since I never remember to take everything I need out of a room before I start mopping, I don't leave dirty footprints on the wet floor when I have to run back in to answer the phone. It is a practice that I highly recommend. Apron optional.

And since I never can wrap things up succinctly-- have you noticed how many times I used the word "vacuum" in this post? Just let me tell you that at first, every single instance was spelled differently (and then nicely underlined in red for me by Blogger), as I tried to figure out how to spell it. Two c's? Two m's? Oh. Two u's.


watson123 said...

I admire a woman who cleans in heels! I can't stand to wear them anymore, much less clean my house. I'd gladly go without food for a week to be able to afford someone to come in a couple hours a month to do that chore for me! Three year olds will find lots more than dust bunnies and runaway socks! Good luck. Tell Parker hi. Love Mom A

watson123 said...
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