"when you walk through the garden..."

I seem to be thinking in lists lately. It happens sometimes. So, let's go with it, and deem January the Month-O'-Lists.
Yeah, that's right--a new list every day! Or whenever I get around to it.

This is the last season of The Wire, the best show on television. (Don't take it from me. Everyone else thinks so too!).

My top ten favorite characters, Letterman-countdown order:

10. Pryzblewski

9. Dukie

8. Kima

7. Brother Mouzone

6. Carver

5. Lester Freamon

4. Bodie

3. Bunk

2. Snoop

1. Tie between Omar & Bubbles, but the scales are tipping toward Omar.

Character whose backside I have seen far too many times: McNulty.
Sometimes I get the feeling that they wrote the whole season, and then someone in a meeting said, "Guys! This is HBO! We need sex!" So they went back and added in a scene where McNulty gets sloshed and drink-dials and ex-girlfriend. But it's a minor quibble toward a show that is really stellar in all other ways. Order the back-seasons on Netflix. I promise you won't regret it.


Jessica B-G said...

I, like you, am in LOVE with this show and therefore must write LOVE in giant capital letters just to let you know that I am really serious. However, here is a what is making me really angry:

The McNulty shenanigans.

I would have to agree with your astute comment on his sex scenes and they are ten-fold this season. SICK. (Don't even get me started on the body hauling.) I feel like he is single handedly trying to wreck my enjoyment of the show. I get it, you're an unlikeable character that happens to be good PO-LICE, but why do I have to see (as my mom said once and I think it's hilarious) "your sexual parties"??

gigirose said...

Ooooo, you have GOT to check out this interview with Omar.


Before he got the job on the Wire he was working at his mother's daycare in Queens!!!