STL con

+ Weather. Freezing cold but no snow, or hot as blazes and nowhere to swim.

+ Sandwiches, or lack thereof. As I have previously noted, it's hard to find a good old fashioned deli sandwich in these parts.

+ Everyone is from Saint Louis. And there is nothing wrong with that, really. It was a nice break from some other places that I have lived where all anyone wants is to Get Out. But since I'm not from here, the slightly all-encompassing-ness of it can be overwhelming sometimes. Does that make me sound like a snob? I don't mean to be.

+ Race Relations. After a few years in Upstate New York, I was looking forward to living in a place with more diversity again. But Saint Louis diversity is all numbers; demographics do not a multi-cultural experience make. The gulf between White Saint Louis and Black Saint Louis is wide, deep and seriously ingrained in everything from city politics to how you get to work. And that's just black & white... add in the immigrant populations and things don't get much better. Not that everyone in NY is running around holding hands with Haitian immigrants from Queens, but seriously, why don't any white people ride the bus here?

+ Arch Obsession*. Oh, I don't even know where to start with this one. I think there must be something in the City Charter that if your business or organization is going to come up with a logo and/or marketing phrase it must incorporate the arch.

+ Phyllis Schlafly. She has dedicated her life to eradicating all of the social advances that allow for me to take it for granted that I can pursue whatever career I choose, balance work and family, and have a say over my body. All while, paradoxically, pursuing all those things herself.

+ The "music scene". People here will argue with me. Tell me that there is Great! Local! Music! And sure there are a few good local bands, and a few larger names that started here, but given STL's location, smack in the middle of the country, one would think that a few more bands might stop here on their way across the country. I certainly did. I was wrong.

Removed from the list=
+Pizza. This city has the worst pizza I have ever tasted! Imo's is not pizza-- it is matzoh crackers with ketchup. And I know it is blasphemy, but for all I like about Blackthorn, their pie is not so good either. But lo! Three Monkeys showed up and saved STL from pizza-purgatory. The best crust in town.

But don't get me wrong. It is nice here. Didn't you read my last post?
Speaking of my last post...
(*) I forgot to mention that the Arch is a great thing to have around. It's clean lines are striking and I love that you can see it from so many places in the City.

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