the spammers got my google search bar

My first post of the New! Year! (more on that later) was going to be about all the things that have transpired since I last posted....weeeeeks ago. But while I was waiting for all 250 of the pictures to download off of my camera I started browsing music on itunes (and subsequently scamming it from limewire (shhh don't tell the feds!)). And when I went back to Firefox to find out more info on Microphones (the band) I saw THIS is my liitle google search box in the corner of my screen:


Apparently little evil elves made their way into my room while I was at dinner and were trying to dowload lazy-porn.

Or, the spam writers have found a way to wiggle into my search engine.

OR, when I was trying to relocate the wicked leather blazer that I thought I remembered seeing in a Sundance catalog, my poor typing skills came back to haunt me.

More on the holidays soon....

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