overindulgence in relaxation

I've realized that blogging about a terrible-horrible-no-good-very-bad-day makes for far more far interesting reading than a good day. But I can't help but mention that yesterday was perfect, and today is running a close second, maybe third.


-8.30 wake up. Phew. Looking good already.

-Crepes ala Adam. (with Blueberry-Lavender jam! Luscious!)

- Walk in Tower Grove with the puppy. Wherein she walked in a straight line for the first half of the walk before dissolving into puppy circles around me.

- Back to bed to read Paradise (T. Morrison--see sidebar.)

-Bike ride to Cherokee Street for the best tacos anywhere. Better than all the tacos we had in actual Mexico. And a mean horchata too.

-Nap. Two hours!!! All that fresh air, man.

-Gym & SAUNA.

-Homemade Massaman beef curry yumminess,

- Tropicana Lanes

-Pat's for a nightcap.

It was alllll good.

And Today???

- Brunch of homemade hashbrowns, veggie sausage and fried eggs

-More reading in bed

-CUPCAKES. Which always make for a good day.

-MORE reading.

-The only pizza in STL worth eating, at Three Monkeys. Where, because they messed up our order, we got a FREE PIZZA to take home. Crikey!

- New Episode of the only television show worth watching (aside from L&O), The Wire
--accompanied by too much bourbon.
- In which case I think that the bath that I ordered up might be out of the question, as I toddle off to bed, minorly besotted with pizza, bourbon (oh, and that Duvel as well, forgot to mention that part).


Celery said...

Wow! Livin' it up out there. Glad to hear things are good for you too. I am totally thankful for these blogs. Definately gives a better feel of what you've been up to than mass emails.

Catherine said...

I concur...and I must say, I too believe eating & sleeping = heaven

Catherine said...

ps, I admit, I haven't visited your site in far too long. I will never let that happen again.